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How to get Free Minecraft Premium Account | New method 2017

We all can agree that Minecraft is by far one of the fastest growing and largest online gaming communities in the world.

This means there are millions of other gamers just like you that are playing Minecraft and have one thing in common, that is paying for that premium account so they can be a premium member for all the extras. Another thing we have in common with all the other players is that no one wants to pay for that premium membership.

If you agree to those two statements, then you have landed on the right website. Gamer-Evolution is your only safe and secure Minecraft Account Generator that is free and easy to use.

Most people cannot afford to spend their money on Minecraft, and I wish to spread some happiness to the gaming community.

Let me explain why my Minecraft Premium Account hack is completely free.

Spreading Value with Free Minecraft Premium Account

I am able to supply free Minecraft Premium Account because of a secret I discovered about large gaming companies like Minecraft. Head to my about page if you’re interested in a detailed explanation of this secret.

In essence, I am able to safely breach Minecraft database where every account is stored. This allows me to adjust and add Minecraft Premium Account I want into any account. My secure encryption tool keeps the adjustments completely invisible, meaning there’s no risk to your account whatsoever.

I then created an easy to use Minecraft Premium Account generator that automates the entire process. Rather than me manually injecting your account with Minecraft, the generator does it for you. This ensures an instant delivery and a simplified process.

Why are you sharing the Minecraft Premium Account for free?

When I was younger, playing video games was my favorite thing to do. I played every game imaginable and logged thousands of hours. However, just like you, I was never able to afford cool in-game items on mobile games. My parents also did not care to spend any money on enhancing my gaming experience.

For this reason, I was forced to quit many of the games I played because I couldn’t compete with players who spent hundreds of dollars on better items. I was angered at the fact that individuals could purchase success in a video game. Players should compete based on skill, not real-life wealth.

Now that I have a stable programming job, I am happy to share the Minecraft Premium Account for free. I don’t need the extra money and want to spread a bit of happiness to individuals suffering like I used to.

Furthermore, I think it’s absurd how much money big gaming companies like Minecraft make on in-game transactions. I believe their technique of generating profits is immoral because they take advantage of young gamers.

Gamers are prone to get quickly addicted to Minecraft and then heavily pressured into spending real money in order to succeed in the games. This causes psychological harm to younger gamers and wastes their money.

Gamer-Evolution has the only working Minecraft Premium Account hack, and we are happy to share it with you.
You will never have to pay anything.

Below you will find the link to the Minecraft Premium Account generator. The generator scans the database for a working hack which is then immediately output to you.


How to Get Free Minecraft Premium Account?

Minecraft Premium Account hack is easy to use and only takes 1-2 minutes.

  1. Click the link above taking you to the Free Minecraft Premium generator
  2. Enter your e-mail adress
  3. Enable the secure encryption tool
  4. Select the amount of free Minecraft Premium Account
  5. Press ‘Generate’ to start the delivery
  6. Fill out a short survey to verify you’re not a bot

You may be surprised that there’s a survey to complete before receiving your account. Although it’s slightly irritating, I enabled it to prevent bots from crashing the generator.

Bots have flooded my generator before, preventing real individuals from receiving their account. The survey blocks them from accessing the Minecraft cheats and ensures you acquire your account instantly.

Your account will be immediately delivered after completing the quick survey.

If you’re still having trouble using the Minecraft Premium Account generator, watch my step-by-step video tutorial below.



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