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Free Spotify Premium Account for Android & iOS | 2017 New Method

Imagine a world where you’re able to listen to all your favorite songs for free, without having to deal with annoying ads.

A world with unlimited skips, offline listening capabilities, and the largest song collection ever.

Spotify free trials only last for a month and you get charged if you forget to cancel your subscription.

Luckily for you, our Spotify premium hack allows a lifetime of access to all your favorite artists.

We have thousands of free Spotify premium codes that we are happy to share with all of you.

There are no downloads or gimmicks, and we ensure each code works before sending it.

Let me elaborate on why our Spotify premium codes are completely free.

Spreading Value

I created this website containing all sorts of free codes and hacks because I want to give back to the gaming community.

After discovering a breach into the databases of large technology and gaming companies, I was able to access thousands of free codes. Go to my about page if you’re interested in learning more about this secret breach.

In short, Spotify’s database gives me access to hundreds of thousands of free Spotify premium codes. I transfer the codes from the database into my generator. The generator then conveniently delivers the code to you.

But why share them for free?

Nothing makes me happier than being able to give back to people who truly need it. I spend a lot of my time doing charity work and love helping others whenever I can.

Since I obtained theses codes for free myself, I want to also give them away for free. I work as a computer programmer and a part-time investor in real estate, so I make more than enough money to support myself.

However, the biggest reason I’m giving away free Spotify premium accounts is because I was just like you when I was younger. Coming from a poorer family, I was never able to buy new video games, toys, and music.

I used to search the internet endlessly for way to obtain free music and ended up with nothing. My parents and older siblings never helped pay for anything either.

For this reason, I understand the frustration you may be facing and want to lend a helping hand.

Feel free to use Spotify premium code generator as often as you wish, as well as share it with your friends and family.

I recently received a wonderful email from a visitor named Courtney. Courtney was tired of paying for her Spotify premium student account and searched for a way to get free Spotify. She randomly stumbled on this website through my YouTube video and was skeptical at first.

She explained how she had tried many Spotify premium code generators previously with no success. However, she became completely overwhelmed when the Spotify premium hack actually worked. She understands that many visitors may be doubtful, so she attached a picture of herself to prove she received her free Spotify premium code.

Hundreds of visitors write me emails about the same situation Courtney went through. I enjoy reading through their messages and seeing the small impact I made in their lives.


How to get free Spotify premium – Generator Tutorial

Watch my video tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to receive your code.

Or, if you’re short on time:

  • Navigate to the Spotify code generator by clicking the link
  • Select the amount of credit you want on your free Spotify gift card
  • Press ‘Generate’
  • Complete a short anti-bot survey while the Generator scans for a working code
  • Receive your code after the survey


I built in a short human verification survey in order to prevent bots from flooding the generator. Without a survey, bots are able to flood the database and steal all the codes. The survey ensures an ample supply of Spotify premium free codes.

Please shoot me an email if you’re having trouble receiving your free code.


Spotify Premium Hack Features

Lifetime free Spotify premium: The generator contains hundreds of thousands of codes and is updated every week. There is no limit to the amount of codes you can receive, and we encourage you share with your friends and family. Nobody should have to pay for music.

Account Safety: You Spotify account is kept completely safe with the Spotify premium code generator. Spotify recognizes the free code just like any other legitimate code. Furthermore, the secure encryption tool keeps your IP and computer anonymous.

No Download: GamerEvolution will never ask a visitor to download any kind of software or program. Rather than wasting your time downloading something, the generator instantly delivers codes.

Frequently asked questions

How do I redeem my Spotify premium code?

Log in to your Spotify account and navigate to the redeem page. Enter in the code and press redeem.

Will I be charged on my Spotify account?

The Spotify premium free code is essentially a gift card so you won’t be charged on your account.

Is this a Spotify premium free trial?

This is completely different than a Spotify free trial. The free Spotify premium codes allow you to purchase a subscription with the amount on the code.

Are you giving away free Spotify premium accounts?

I am not giving away free Spotify accounts. Instead, I am giving away free Spotify premium cards that are redeemable on your own account. Enjoy the comfort of being able to listen to music on your personal account, rather than a strangers.

Do Spotify gift codes expire?

Spotify premium codes do not have an expiration date.

Is this just a discount?

This is not a discount. The Spotify code enables you to purchase a subscription completely free of charge.

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