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Free Steam Wallet Codes – Steam Wallet Code Generator | First working method in 2019

With all the amazing products to choose from on Steam, it can be extremely difficult spending all the money it requires to purchase these products.

Most people who use Steam are still in school and cannot afford to spend their savings on several 50$( or more) games.

Luckily for you, there is an incredibly easy way of playing all your favorite Steam games for free.

Gamer Evolution offers a Steam Wallet Tool with a database of tested and working free Steam Wallet Codes.

Yes its true. You will never have to pay anything.

Play the game you’ve always wanted to  in a matter of seconds!


Why I am sharing them for free?

You may be wondering why somebody would give away free Steam codes?

When I was younger, gaming was my biggest love. Whether it was Runescape, Call of Duty or Counter Strike, I would avoid all of my homework and play these games every day.

My older brother introduced Counter Strike to me when I was in middle school, and I was immediately captivated by its gameplay. The thing is  I wasn’t able to afford buying the game for myself, and my family wouldn’t help either.

For this reason, I was only able to play on my brother’s steam account when he wasn’t online. I was angered at being unable to play my favorite game and browsed the internet extensively for ways to get Counter Strike for free.

I wasted more days than I’d like to admit searching for a free Steam codes and became exponentially irritated at each failed attempt.

I remember downloading all sorts of shady steam key generators, only to have my antivirus delete the malicious software.

I was almost completely out of hope until I met a stranger on a forum who listened to my story. He understood the struggle I was going through and gave me a free Steam key for Counter Strike.

This small act taught me a lesson and is something I will always remember. His selfishness is what motivated and push me into providing a free Steam wallet codes for you.

I live extremely well-off as a computer programmer and do not care to set-up a marketplace to sell these Steam wallet codes. Instead, I would much rather share the kindness with the rest of the gaming community.

I know there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who are facing the same situation as I was. I want you to be able to play your favorite game without worrying about how much it costs.

Let’s face it, massive gaming companies like Steam generate millions of dollars in profit each year. A couple of free codes won’t possibly hurt them right?

Below you will find the link to the Steam generator. The generator scans the database for a working code which is then immediately output to you.





After working tirelessly to set up this website and provide free steam keys, I was thrilled to receive an email from one of my visitors. :))

Jasmine emailed me explaining how she was facing the same situation that I was in when I was younger. All of Jasmine’s friends started playing Tom Clancy’s The Division and she wasn’t able to afford the game. She started searching determinedly to find a steam free key. She wrote me a short testimonial that he insisted I share on this page.

Here it is:

Gamer Evolution saved me from a world of trouble. All I wanted to do was to play Tom Clancy’s The Division with my friends. I fortunately found this website. Roy is truly coming from a place of kindness, and I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you!”


I have helped thousands of avid gamers like Jasmine into receiving free Steam games.

All I ask in return is that you share this website with your friends so that they can experience free Steam too.

The database has a bountiful amount of codes, so don’t be afraid to come back and use the Steam wallet code generator as often as you wish.


The Steam Wallet code generator is incredibly simple to use.

Click on the box above which takes you to generator’s portal. Select the amount you wish to receive on your free Steam Wallet code: ‘$20’, ‘$50’, or ‘$100’.

Next, you will be asked to complete a short survey to prove you’re not a bot. Bots have flooded my generator before and stole all the codes before real users like you could get them. In consequence, I built-in a short survey to deter bots and to keep your code safe.

Feel free to shoot me an email if your survey doesn’t work and you still need a Steam wallet code.

The Steam code is instantaneously delivered to you after passing the bot detection program.

You’ll be installing that game you’ve always wanted to play in a matter of minutes.

What games can I redeem with my free Steam code?

Steam Wallet codes allow you to play any game you want on Steam. These free Steam codes work essentially like a gift card. Once you redeem the code on your Steam account, your account will have a balance of whatever amount was on the code.

For example, if you chose a $100 code in the generator, your Steam account balance will now have $100. You can then use the $100 on your account to purchase any game of your choice.

I am proud to say that GamerAuthority is the only website that offers legitimate free Steam games. I have no intent or reason to trick you like every other page does, and I hope to really improve your gaming experience.

In essence, having a working Steam key free of charge lets you play any game in the Steam marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Free Steam codes

Go to google and type in “Redeem Steam Wallet. Select the first link that brings you to Steam’s website. Login to your Steam account and input your free Steam Wallet Code. The amount of money on the code will be added to your account’s Steam Wallet Balance

What are Free Steam Wallet Codes?

Steam Wallet codes are the same thing as gift cards. These codes can be redeemed on your account for Steam Wallet credit and can be used to purchase games, software, or anything else on Steam.

What countries can I redeem my Free Steam Wallet codes in?

Steam Wallet codes do not have any country restrictions and are redeemable worldwide.

Does my free Steam key have an expiration date?

Steam Wallet codes do not expire.

How do I view my Steam Wallet balance?

1. Login to your Steam account

2. The balance will be located in the upper right hand corner next to your username

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